Great Glass Elevator Play Detroit, Possibly More Shows in the Future?


Orange County's Great Glass Elevator played their first show in about a year last night at Detroit Bar, headlining the final night of the Moostache/Evening Hour May residency.

Being here for less than a year, I had never seen nor heard Great Glass Elevator before, and I don't really know why they haven't played recently, but they were a real treat, bringing a sense of charisma and energy you don't often see in local bands. Talking (briefly) to lead singer Daivd Braun after the show, when asked if there were more GGE gigs in the future, he said "I hope so!" So, yeah, that's cool.

But while it was their first show back, it was the last show for Moostache keyboard player Bobby Waltman--so how else would he go out, other than lighting two foil panels on his keyboard on fire and violently smashing a melodica? It was pretty intense for a Monday night.

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