Colby O'Donis Coming to the Galaxy (For Real This Time)


After some amount of confusion, Colby O'Donis is coming to the Galaxy Theatre in Santa Ana. For sure!

Reports (at least one by, uh, me) indicated that he was, at one point, scheduled to take over the yanked Ray J show earlier this month on May 7, but as Lila Sadeghi, who handles publicity for both the Galaxy and the Coach House wrote, "After Ray J cancelled the promoters played around with the possiblity of booking Colby but that obviously did not happen. We are looking at some dates possibly with Colby for this summer and would love to host his event." Apparently that all worked out. Phew.

Colby O'Donis, aside from appearing unusually tweezed, is best known for his feature spots on hit songs: "Just Dance" by Lady Gaga and "Beautiful" by Akon. But he has an album of pop/R&B tunes all on his own, Colby O, and will surely be looking to showcase his solo skills at his show on June 4. Tickets are $25.

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