Update on tomorrow's Instagon show

If you read my story on Instagon's 500th show (and I know you did), you know that Instagon head honcho Lob plans on bringing a slew of guests to play with him. I hate to spoil the surprise, but Lob sent out an email with a list of people he expects to take the stage. And because I'm either a nice guy or a meanie who tells children there's no Santa Claus, here's that info.

"scheduled to appear AS Instagon 500:

Lob - lead bass, vocals
Cary Pealer (punk as a doornail) - drums, percussion
Sean Campeau (Wackee's Clubhouse) - guitar
Robert Fisher (Gospel Swamp Blues Band) - guitar
Chris McKinny (Gospel Swamp Blues Band) - keyboards, sax
Thad Matson (Utter Pratish.
, Truck Bitch) - vocals
Scott Heustis (Whirlaway Music) - guitar
Zack Olson (the Taint) - theremin
William Harrington (UEM) - Sax
Mark Soden (Phog Masheeen) - trumpet
Greg Ginn (Texas Currogators) - guitar
Bobby Banclari (Texas Currogators) - mandolin
Jim Kaa (The Crowd) - guitar
Dan Kaufman (Mindrot, Eyes of Fire, Destroy Judas) - guitar
Rikk Agnew (Poop, Adolescents, Christian Death) - guitar
Gary Piazza (Incredible Sheep Shrinking Invention) - guitar
Charles Ardinger (fraud) - words
Chad E.Williams (Garage Jazz Architects) - guitar
Jess Coble - ????

others ? perhaps.. who knows.. its so exciting and unknown.. the mystery of it all.. ..the deamon rises its head... sees its shadow.. and unleashes the rock n garage jazz in the waking of its aeon... dont miss out.. this will be an event unlike any before or after it..."


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