TONIGHT: Last Chance to See Huntingfield and The Ringers for Free at Detroit Bar

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Some people might say "free is always a good thing," but that's not really true. What about, like, a free jar of infectious diseases? That'd be pretty lame.

Luckily, tonight's show at Detroit Bar is not only free to get in, but completely free of jars of infectious diseases. Hurray! It's your last chance to see LA bands Huntingfield (formerly Northern, a helpful note that seems to incessantly follow their name in print) and the Ringers for free at the Costa Mesa venue, where they've had a Monday residency all April.

I've never seen Huntingfield before but I have seen the Ringers twice; most recently at Detroit in February, opening up for Japanese Motors, but also opening up for Eagles of Death Metal on New Year's Eve 2007 at the Roxy in Hollywood. Their lead singer employs a variety of wacky on-stage antics, including rubbing the microphone in his sweaty armpits (eww) and singing shirtless with his pants just barely above the, uh, "bathing suit area." So, that's pretty fun.

May's Monday night Detroit residency will feature Huntington Beach's musically talented but much less exhibitionist Moostache.

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