Incoming: Unsurprisingly, More Cool Shows are Coming to Detroit Bar (GZA, Little Dragon, More)

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Detroit Bar is bringing some more neat stuff to town, including Little Dragon, pictured. The Swedish group is currently on tour with TV on the Radio, and once that wraps up, they'll be hitting Detroit on May 22.

One week earlier (and only a little more than two months since his last Detroit appearance), GZA of the Wu-Tang Clan will return to Costa Mesa. Yup, May 15. Also returning to Detroit: Fabrizio Moretti's Little Joy, the new project from the Strokes member, on June 4. They played the venue in early December and it was pretty awesome, so no reason to think this won't also be pretty awesome. It only makes sense.

Speaking of current projects, noted UK DJ Adam Freeland will be bringing his "Freeland Live" project to Detroit on May 21. Good stuff!

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