TONIGHT: Benefit for Comic Universe at Avalon Bar

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We talked about this a bit yesterday, but here's some more info for y'all--Comic Universe in Fountain Valley is closing its doors soon, another victim of our depressingly dire economic times. Tonight at Avalon in Costa Mesa is a benefit for the store, with both the hopes of helping the owner pay off debt so the store can get comics to customers before closing for good, and also because there are plans from management to perhaps re-open the store as a hybrid comics/music/art place, which sounds pretty rad.

Playing tonight are The Flying Saucers, Santa Ana's The Dig (who we write a bit about in this week's OC Weekly) and Orange's Head Sounds. Avalon Bar Thursday night resident--and Comic Universe regular--DJ Oldboy will also be there, playing records and jamming on his tambourine and harmonica to the tunes. $5, with proceeds going to Comic Universe, natch.

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