Tomorrow: The Break Contest Finals at Chain Reaction

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With the Bamboozle Left Festival right around the corner, its up to the fans at Chain Reaction to crown this years local Break Contest winner at a final showdown on stage in Anaheim...epic. The Break Contest, which I'm sure you remember from my unforgettable blog post last month, is basically a weekly "battle of the bands" competition in which a panel of judges and the Chain audience decide on a winner to advance to the finals for a chance at playing the main stage as well as weekend passes to the festival. The first runner-up receives a side stage slot. With over 70 bands competing in a marathon 15 round battle to the finals, it's about time to settle this thing. But who will be going to the big show?

Maybe the rap-rockers Close But Not Quite will gain their next big step toward being the junior version of Gym Class Heroes. Or is it possible that the dramatic rock of She Screams Remedy is just what the Bamboozle doctor ordered (clown doctors....yeeesh). And of course, what crowd can resist the tender ballad "Balls in your ass" by heavily gelled rockers Uh Oh! Explosion?

The show starts at 6:30 and tickets are $12 dollars at the door. But for those of you looking to save an extra couple bucks, try hitting up one of the bands on the roster after the jump. I'm sure they'll gladly sell you one for $10.

2009 Break Contest  Finalists
-Uh Oh! Explosion
-Close But Not Quite
-The Early Strike
-She Screams Remedy

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