Incoming: The Offspring Return to Orange County. Updated!

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Huntington Beach's The Offspring might be the most successful Orange County band of all time--y'know, selling more than 50 million albums worldwide is as good of a claim as any, not to mention being one of very few '90s bands still churning out huge radio hits--and they're making a big ol' return to our area this summer.

The show happens June 5 (technically not summer yet, but come on) at Verizon Wireless Amphitheater in Irvine. Tickets go on sale (new time ahoy!) noon Saturday, March 28, and if prices are available, they're not easy to find either on the press release of Live Nation's site. It's probably some amount of American currency between 0 and 1,000. Lawn seats are probably less than closer ones. Alkaline Trio (!) and Street Dogs open.

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