Finalists for OC Music Awards 'Best Acoustic Live' and 'Best Live Band' Announced


Sure, I may be a bit rough on the OC Music Awards at times (or, uh, lots of the time), but the lineups for their "best acoustic live showcase finals" and "best live band showcase finals" are definitely solid, including some of our favorite Locals Only bands, like the New Limb (pictured).

For each of the ten OCMA showcases, three judges--longtime local music supporter Tazy Phyllipz, KUCI's Ashley Eliot, and Yelp's Hazel Quimpo--rated the performers on a byzantine number of categories, and this is the culmination. Lineups after the jump!

Best Acoustic Live Showcase Finals, at the Gypsy Den in Santa Ana on March 27:

AJ Degrasse
Cory Case
Hong Kong Six
Yellow Red Sparks

Best Live Band Showcase Finals, at the Yost Theatre on March 28:

The Jakes
The Living Suns
The New Limb
The Union Line
Venus Infers

Lots of "The ____" in that category.

Neat picks, and I'm especially excited to see The New Limb and Yellow Red Sparks--slightly lower-profile at this point than some of their "competition" and nice peeps all around--in contention. Of course, the more I think about it, the more the whole idea of bands "competing" against each other and music award shows in general is kind of weird, but if it gets them exposure they wouldn't get otherwise, then that's pretty cool.

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