Before It Gets Old: 8-Bit Hip-Hop Medley


Here's something neat making the rounds: ...shot then, a blog I was previously unfamiliar with, is hosting an "8-bit hop hop medley," a mash-up of famous rap songs ("Gold Digger," "Ridin'," "Move Bitch," more) replicated through the sounds of old NES games. Much better than the weird lyrics they made up for the Super Mario Bros. theme song for that cartoon show that was hosted by Captain Lou Albano as Mario in live action segments ("Shake your hips, from side to side, come and do the Mario!"). Disturbing on many levels. Sadly, there's not a lot of info as to what sound effects came from where, so you'll have to do your best to guess yourself at this point. Or just enjoy it for what it is. (Not as fun. Americans are people that demand answers.)

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