TONIGHT: Tim and Eric at the Glass House

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It's here: Adult Swim's Tim Heidecker (right) and Eric Wareheim (uh, left) are performing tonight at the Glass House in Pomona; amazingly, tickets are still available.

Tim and Eric are the guys behind quasi-cartoon Tom Goes to the Mayor and, more recently, the sketch comedy program Tim and Eric Awesome Show Great Job!. They're both extremely acquired tastes, but among those who have acquired it, based on their appearances on the show, include some of our nation's bona funniest people (Bob Odenkirk, David Cross, Patton Oswalt, Brian Posehn) and some just really random celebrities (Jeff Goldblum, Dave Navarro, Steve Schirripa, Ed Begley, Jr.). And, oh yeah, Dr. Steve Brule.

The live show is a mix of videos, skits and musical numbers, and will also include unintentionally bad comedian/singer James Quall ("Beach Blast"!) and famously wacked out puppeteer David Liebe Hart. Should be a weird, awesome night. I attended their 2007 "Awesomecon" during the Comic-Con International in San Diego; they fed us balogna sandwiches.

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