Local Natives play Homecoming Show at eVocal on Tuesday night

local natives.jpg
Dust off your loafers kids. After a month-long draught of solid-gold harmonies and boot stomping fervor, the boys of the aptly titled band Local Natives are returning to OC to do a long-awaited local show...for the natives. Since late December the band has been galavanting all over the country on tour with fellow rockers The Union Line and Voxhaul Broadcast. Tomorrow night, check them out at eVocal, one of the best and most inconveniently cramped places to go see a packed all-ages show in south County. But fortunately for this little art gallery/clothing store/ whatever else they sell, they supply something seldom seen in an all-ages venue...good live bands. And for only $6, you're gonna get to see a line-up that had the Anaheim House of Blues packed to the gills only a few months ago. Besides, after this one, Local Natives are scheduled to be preoccupied in L.A. for a month long residency at the high fallutin' Silver Lake Lounge, no high-schoolers allowed. Try sneaking your under-age girlfriend into THAT gig.

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