Koo's Now Booking Shows at Santa Ana's Yost Theater


Chris Ziegler reported for us back in October about Koo's returning to Santa Ana and taking over programming at the long-dormant Yost Theater, and now shows are beginning to pop up on the venue's schedule. It's a move that generated some degree of grousing--particularly around November's SoundDowntown festival, which was organized by Koo's founder Dennis Lluy and used the Yost among other venues--namely, that it marks gentrification of downtown Santa Ana. (One commenter in the above linked story said, "Dennis is a gentrifying basterd who stole the Yost from the non-profit that had it reopened." The spelling errors are his.) But fans of arts and culture have to be pleased that there's another place where good acts are being booked in Orange County.

LA's adorable lounge-pop duo The Bird and the Bee (pictured), who released Ray Guns Are Not Just the Future this past Tuesday, will be there Thursday, Feb. 26. Singer/songwriter Richard Swift is on tap for March 14, and LA-based psychedelic folk group The Parson Red Heads on March 25.

For more info, check Koo's Web site.

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