Flier of the Week: Allensworth and Boogaloo Assassins

boogaloo.jpgI'm actually pretty torn about this flier. On one hand, I'm all, "Hey, a naked lady! Whoohoo!" On the other hand, I'm like, "Aww man. That naked lady has gross lesions and scales all over her body and some sort of weird face on her boobs." Which is, you know, less exciting.

It's for the Allensworth (Huntington Beach) and Boogaloo Assassins (Los Angeles) concert at Detroit Bar on Saturday. (I fully realize that the ol' HM has been a bit Detroit Bar heavy this week, but hey, they've had a lot of shows while other venues have been slow. Oh man, that rhymed!) Sounds like a fun night, but one can't help but ponder the image they're conjuring with that flier; kind of a Mad Max meets Attack of the 50 Foot Woman meets a terrible skin condition motif. Which should hopefully attract an intriguing cross-section of folks.

Whatever it is, it's an attractive flier for sure, and far superior to the one Detroit Bar running for the January Mothers Sons (who were spotlighted in Locals Only this week in the Weekly, aww yeah)/Daniel Morones residency, which is so strikingly bare bones that it has to be intentional (right?).

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