Reboot Sundays, Week 2

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People often gush about DJ Orgasm's wax.

Reboot Sundays debuted at Proof Bar Dec. 30, and, by all reports, it went off extremely well. (We missed it, sadly. You can read my Sprawl of Sound feature on it here.)

The new Santa Ana club night's next bill on Jan. 6 features DJ Orgasm (he favors hard house, techno and trance, but can branch out into punk, hip-hop, reggae, jazz—and he spins vinyl), Santa Ana's the Dig (scrappy, atonal rock with roots in early-'80s New York and northern England's post-punk scenes) and LA's the Health Club (catchy, downtrodden pop great for bouts of self-pitying).

Proof Bar, 215 N. Broadway, Santa Ana, (714) 953-2660.

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