Syd Barrett Estate Sale: Won't You Miss Me At All?

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TVP fans and more prep their PayPals for the late great Syd Barrett estate sale. Frenzied bidding already for...

'Syd's' artificial Christmas tree and decorations, comprising mostly of tinsel and baubles. Removed from the back bedroom upstairs.

Syd's' basic tool kit, comprising a hacksaw, mallet, plane, chisel, hammer, screwdrivers and a spirit level, all contained within a red plastic tool box. It was with these basic tools and few power tools that 'Syd' created his furniture and modified his home.

'Syd's Chair', A cream leather reclining armchair. The chair was in the kitchen and was clearly used a great deal by 'Syd', as can be seen from the dark stain to the back rest.

How sad and gross! One day left to sign in.

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