Exmortus Specialize in Shock and Awe

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Karina Diane
Becoming a beastly metal guitar player takes years of dedicated, callus-forming practice. But if you're Jadran "Conan" Gonzalez from Exmortus, it takes just one freak childhood accident.

Drummer Mario Moreno recalls the dangerous prank he played on Gonzalez. When he was 5, Moreno convinced his cousin to stick a bobby pin in an electrical outlet, which shocked his hands. "His fingers went black," Moreno says. "I like to say that's why he shreds--because the electricity still flows through him. Every time he plugs in, he's charged."

Together with guitarist David Rivera and bassist Aldo Bibiano, Gonzalez and Moreno blend thrash riffs, fretboard-searing solos and neo-classical technique. Having played local shows at every available opportunity, Exmortus built a steady following over the past decade. Last year, they were signed to LA label Prosthetic Records, and in February, they released the stellar album Slave to the Sword. Tours through North America followed, supporting such metal heavyweights as Dark Tranquillity and Destruction. Exmortus will take the stage at Malone's Bar and Grill on Friday before embarking on a nationwide run with Virginia band Arsis (they'll perform at OC Music Hall on Sept. 20).

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For Fucked Up, Everything is All Right

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Toronto-based hardcore outfit Fucked Up never expected their band to go very far when they formed in 2001, let alone all the way to Brazil. A few weeks ago, they played São Paolo for the first time, opening for Dinosaur Jr. For singer Damian Abraham, it was a landmark moment in a career filled with critical acclaim and accolades. Even if they were only there for a total of 27 hours.

"One of the goals of the band when we started was to play in Japan and Brazil," he says. "It was great to walk in the same footprints of the bands I love. When we said, 'One day, we'll play Brazil, one day' . . . Getting to go down there was a check-it-off experience for this band."

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The Naked And Famous Keep The Pressure on Themselves

Courtesy of Republic Records
Jet-black clothing, high-fashion good looks and a hell of a light show seem to be the staples of a build-an-indie-pop-band kit in 2014. While eyes may roll at that short list, The Naked And Famous, the buzzing electro-rock band from New Zealand that now calls L.A. home, were doing it long before it was a musical requisite. After two critically acclaimed records and countless tour dates, the songwriting core of vocalist Alisa Xayalith, guitarist Thom Powers and keyboardist Aaron Short, supplemented by drummer David Beadle and drummer Jesse Wood, has sharpened both their writing and their live act to a razor's edge, all while adhering to their motif.

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Which Sports Franchises Have the Worst Music Taste?

Categories: Depressing

Courtesy Scott Stapp
This man is responsible for the worst song about flying fish ever.
By: Luke Winkie

Sports and music go hand-in-hand -- it's pumped out of every stadium in America, we have jock jams, and, like the "San Diego Super Chargers," some of the oldest traditions in professional team sports are inextricably tied to specific songs. It's why the Miami Dolphins will play that godforsaken fight song every single game they play. It's why those organ bleats will ring out in baseball stadiums until the Earth is swallowed by the Sun. These two industries need each other. The rest of us will just have to deal with it.

With that in mind, we've highlighted some teams that have demonstrated some particularly bad taste in recent years.

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Foo Fighters Ice Bucket Challenge Just Changed the Game

Foo Fighters for ALS
The Foo Fighters, known for their humorous music videos and parodies, always know how to turn it up a notch. By now you've seen countless videos of celebrities (and non-celebrities) accepting the Ice Bucket Challenge for ALS, but no one has executed their video quite like the Foos.

We can't wait to see how Grohl's pal Jack Black accepts the challenge. Grohl also called out Stephen King, whose classic horror film 'Carrie' is parodied in the Foos video, and John Travolta... interesting choice, Grohl.

The Viral Ice Bucket Challenge has raised over $15.6 million for ALS, reports Time. Last year, the organization raised under $50,000 in the same period last year. Check out the Foos' video after the jump.

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The Zombies Will Never Die

The Zombies at SXSW 2013 (photo credit Lavid Photos)
The Zombies are one of the most tragically underrated bands of the 60's. Fortunately, they are still kicking! Their originality earned them a mixed blessing. Whereas a few of their songs -- most notably "Tell Her No," "Time of the Season," and "She's Not There" -- performed well on the Billboard charts, their material did not typically cater to pop trends, and the original line-up disbanded in 1967; however, 50 years after they recorded their first record, their compositions are still appealing to new audiences and inspiring other musicians and filmmakers (such as Eminem and Quentin Tarantino). Keyboardist / founding member Rod Argent and singer Colin Blunstone have been performing as The Zombies, consistently, since 2001 and continue to record Argent's inspired works. On the occasion of their visit to Southern California (tomorrow at House of Blues in San Diego and Thursday at Santa Monica Pier), the Weekly caught up with Argent to talk about the unique musical life of The Zombies.

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Hi, I'm Bob Saget and I'm a Riffaholic

Christopher Victorio
I mean, I'm not a complete fool.
Anytime Bob Saget performs in OC, it's a party. Songs will be sung, poop stories will be shared, someone in the audience will likely get drunk, pass out and wake up with a dick drawn on their face. Anything can happen. Due to his unpredictable nature, it should be no surprise that the former-TV-star-turned-suck-dick-for-coke-bad-boy is all about riffing on stage and in life just to see where things go. The only thing we know is that he'll usually end up in some place funny (and probably disgusting). We got to talk with Saget recently to catch a little preview of the comedy riffmaster in action before his upcoming stint at the Brea Improv August 22nd through 24th. If you're not sure how random topics like carpool lanes, the physical properties of laughter and the romancing of animals can possibly amount to a funny conversation, we suggest you get curious and check this one out.

See also: Bob Saget's Helpful PSA's: Yogurt Cures Yeast Infections, Politics Are Boring, Don't Fuck Animals

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Little Daylight Are Seeing Brighter Days on Tour

The trio, in their synth-poppy glory
I first saw Little Daylight when they were opening for Marina and the Diamonds in Seattle. At that point, they didn't even have enough original music to really fill a set list, but their live performance was amazing: Nikki Taylor's vocals were hypnotic and engrossing, and Matt Lewkowicz and Eric Zeiler rocked the stage like they owned it.

Now, one and a half years later, the synth-pop trio from Brooklyn have an EP and an album worth of material to work with and are headlining their own national tour in support of their latest release, "Hello Memory," a studio length album full of the modern indie electro pop that made their name as well as more 80s-influenced synth ballads. Tomorrow, they'll finish their tour with a show at the Troubadour.

I had a phone call with Nikki while she was having lunch to discuss everything they've done thus far.

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Emcee Classiq Sounds Off On Ferguson With a Furious Freestyle

Categories: Hip-Hop, politics

Local rapper Emcee Classiq dedicates an impassioned freestyle against police violence in Ferguson, Missouri. It's been 10 tension-filled days since police officer Darren Wilson shot and killed 18-year-old Michael Brown. The young African-American's death set off clashes in the streets between militarized police and angry residents that continued last night in more arrests and unrest. Like rapper J.Cole's raw tribute song "Be Free," Emcee Classiq took to the mic to express his pain.

"Just reading the news and learning another person, and a young person at that, died by the hands of the law, that was just enough to dive in and finally speak up," the rapper says. Emcee Classiq teamed with Weekly to premiere "Ferguson Freestyle."

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Eight Guidelines You Should Follow if You're Going to Take Drugs at a Show

Categories: EDM Takeover!

Timothy Norris
Music Festival responsibly, people.
Editor: We've chosen to keep the author of this story anonymous to protect everyone involved from incrimination. The names below have also been changed.

I struggled with Lacey's pants. She didn't know what was going on, and she did not want me to take them off -- she resisted, clamping her legs together and pushing at my shoulders. I paused, closed my eyes, took a deep breath and then tried to make eye contact with her.

"Lacey," I said, in as soothing a voice I could muster. "Your pants are wet. I have dry ones right here for you. Let me help you change."

I lost track of the number of times I took Lacey to the bathroom to change. I'd been awake for about thirty-six hours and was exhausted, my head still buzzing with the drugs I'd ingested the previous evening. Definitely not my idea of a good way to come down.
My roommate's sister had attended a rave with us the night before. I'd seen her throughout the party, smiling and dancing, pupils blown.

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