Boogaloo Assassins Continue Killing It With a Show at Orange Street Fair

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Courstesy of Bobby Soul
This weekend, the streets of old town Orange will receive a slice of 1960s Spanish Harlem. When the sound of Latin brass, timbales, piano and party vibes ring out from the doors of the District Lounge, you know it could only be the work of the Boogaloo Assassins. Though it's been a while since this powerful, 11-piece band has rocked a stage for a hometown crowd in OC, their sound and flavor is unmistakable for those starved for old-school block party music with an East Coast flair. The fact that the Assassins are still one of the only bands on west coast paying homage to the likes of Joe Bataan, Larry Harlow, Johnny Colon and so many others makes their show a rare link to the past that should never be passed up.

A lot has happened with the band once known for packing Fullerton clubs like Commonwealth or Continental Room in Fullerton before moving onto the international stage. Including their recent signing with revived Latin label Fania Records which put out just about every relevant artist in the genre's heyday.

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Jim James Laments About the Music Industry

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Jena Ardell

James Edward Olliges, Jr., better known as Jim James is not a musician who holds back feelings. The My Morning Jacket singer-guitarist is notorious for being candid with reporters, going so far as admitting his signature look (black suit, white shirt and black tie) was partly inspired by an unlikely source: Smurfette.

"The first time I ever realized what fashion was watching the Smurfs as a kid," he told Esquire Network's How I Rock It in 2013. "Smurfette opens her closet and it's filled with nothing but white dresses because that's all you ever see her in. Ever since then, I've always wanted to be a cartoon character, to always wear the same thing every time... It's almost like a blank canvas where I can be me and that frees my mind up to worry about other things... [like] the performance and the music."

James recently shared "Take Care of You", a new solo song he recorded for No Escape, a new film directed by John Erick Dowdle starring Owen Wilson, Lake Bell, and Pierce Brosnan.

My Morning Jacket's U.S. tour begins this fall. The band will be performing at Los Angeles' Shrine Auditorium October 13 and SDSU's Open Air Theater October 19.

Here are some complaints James has with the music industry today. Quotation above via

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The 10 Best Dad Rock Songs

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Flickr/Bruce Frick
Finally, some music for the dad in your life.
Dad rock is a recent subgenre music journos have coined, although its exact definition seems to be vague and its origins unknown. But it is one of those genres where you'll know it when you hear it, and most music journalists today more or less can describe it as older, male-centric classic rock made by male-centric groups that have since grown older and still retain the adoration of males who have since grown older and become dads themselves.

In any case, if you have a dad, chances are you're aware of or have heard these songs on repeat thoughout your youth and can cite an experience or personal connection with them. Because like it or not, your parents' musical preferences are part of your own origin story, and it's nothing less than endearing the amount of love and dedication dads hold for their music. But that doesn't mean we can't poke fun at them for it.

With that said, here are the 10 best dad rock songs to listen to.

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Interview With a Badass 10 Year-Old Bassist

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Courtesy of The Rockabillykid
The first time Cristian Cuppetelli picked up a bass, he had to stand on a chair to play it. He started on an old school jazz upright at age four, eventually moving on to electric bass a year later. Having his hands dwarfed by the massive wood body of the instrument is something he's always known. But even back when his instrument of choice was taller than he was, the pint-sized player now known as The Rockabillykid was never scared of trying to tame it. At age 10, the bass still looks big on him especially the wide-bodied cherry red Gretsch he plays (he's also currently endorsed by the company along with a slew of others). The only difference now is that his career is getting to be just as big. And for good reason. This kid rips!

Playing a variety of styles from rockabilly (natch) to punk, funk, jazz and classical, Cuppetelli is definitely getting his licks in on stage, branching out from his hometown of Corona to play shows with his band Takin' Namez and opening for The Cadillac Tramps, The Adicts, Jonny "Two Bags" Wickersham of Social Distortion and revered Johnny Cash Tribute band Cash'D Out. It's no coincidence that the Rockabillykid is on the fast track to stardom. His manager/dad Kennie has promoted shows for some huge names in the rock and metal world (Alice in Chains, Metallica, Helmet) and obviously has shepherded his boy toward some big opportunities. But there's no question that the fire in his son's fingers is turning heads. In recent months he's become a regular presence in the OC punk and rockabilly scene with gigs at House of Blues Anaheim and the Observatory. Not bad for someone that should probably still have a 9 p.m. bedtime! We recently spoke to the Rockabillykid to learn more about this young lord of the low end.

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Rae Sremmurd Turns the Observatory Into a No Flex Zone

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Josh Chesler
Pound-for-pound, maybe hip-hop's most fun rap group (they also likely weigh less than Raekwon combined).
Rae Sremmurd
The Observatory

Rae Sremmurd might not be the most talented rap duo out there right now. They probably won't go down in history for their musical accomplishments. If you're talking young rap groups, they certainly have nothing on Migos or just about any element of Odd Future.

That said, Swae Lee and Slim Jxmmi know how to party, and they absolutely brought the party to the Observatory in Santa Ana on Wednesday night.

The Atlanta-based duo took the stage after an extended introduction from their DJ and immediately riled the young crowd up with their hit "No Flex Zone." By the time the two were halfway through the next song, "Illest Walking," the tone had already been set for the night.

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Craigslist Summer Concert Missed Connections

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John Gilhooley
I wished you would hold me like he held that $14 cup of beer but I was too shy to talk to you.
Yes, summer is just about over, and with it goes three months-worth of lost opportunities for lovin'. We're not sure how you let all those potential hookups slip by you, especially if you spent your summer going to concerts. While today's dating culture functions on the swipe left, swipe right mentality of Tinder, shows are still one of the last true mating grounds where a drunk girl can meet a stoned guy, bond over a common interest that's right in front of them on stage and go back to the parking lot to bang. But even if you find that perfect person in the crowd, sadly, fate may have other plans. Usually the type that involve you going home alone or sobbing in your car while listening to Journey. But don't lose hope! There's still one last chance for you OC concert goers to rekindle that momentary lodge-seat romance, so powerful even the band could feel it from 20 rows back. Take a minute to peruse this list of Craigslist Summer Concert Missed Connections.

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Burger a-Go-Go Adds More Toppings To Its All-Female Fest

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Leonard Drorian
Bleached rocking out at last year's Burger a-Go-Go
Earlier this year, a fake poster advertising August's FYF Fest featured only female-fronted musicians performing at the event. Many people lauded the ambitious nature of the person who created the poster, though it wasn't what came to be.

However, the fact that it's a reality in OC is what makes Burger a-Go-Go such a refreshing event on the concert calendar.

When Burger Records co-founder Lee Rickard saw his vision blossom last year, he figured others would catch on to the idea of having only female-fronted bands perform at their own events--or, at minimum, there would be a change in the way festivals, mostly a boy's club, were booked. While Rickard and label boss Sean Bohrman have always put together diverse lineups for their events, including the label's signature Burgerama show, they are optimistic Burger a-Go-Go will continue to be radically different and special.

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Media Jeweler's Sound Shines With Many Different Facets

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Courtesy of Media Jeweler
With a sense of chaos and exciting showmanship, Media Jeweler have become the darlings of Orange County and Los Angeles indie music circles over the past two years. The Santa Ana/Anaheim-based group have stayed on the grind this year, spreading their frenetic post-rock music throughout the U.S. and finalizing their debut album, $99 R/T Hawaii (due out Sept. 18).

JT Schweitzer, Sam Farzin, Colin Knight and James Aranda met while attending shows organized by Farzin's onetime DIY music collective Acrobatics Everyday. Schweitzer, Farzin and Aranda went on to form Moon Pearl, but after that group's dissolution, they formed Media Jeweler with Knight. Moon Pearl's sound and energy led to Media Jeweler's style, with loud clashes of brass, drums, discordant vocals and a lo-fi recording style.

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Mike Miller's Photos Show the Untold Stories of West Coast Hip-Hop

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Mike Miller/Courtesy of Dax Gallery
'Love West Coast,' the latest exhibition at Dax Gallery of photographer Mike Miller's commercial photography from the '90s to today, is a look at influential veterans of the west coast rap scene from the '90s as well as newer, more recent shots from Miller's new photobook Love West Coast Girls. Miller's show, more than anything, details his love for Southern California's diverse set of cultures and subcultures, from hip-hop to skate to lowriders, with an eye for street photography. And along with the help of his wife, collaborator and stylist Shannon, Miller has been able to capture a gritty aesthetic in his work that has since influenced other fashion photographers to this day.

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10 Best Pop Punk Songs of All Time

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Danny Lester
These guys know pop-punk
There's no way to deny it at this point, pop-punk is back. Love it or hate it, those high school jams from the first half of the '00s have circled back around as part of the current "emo revival."

Get ready to jump, scream, and sing your teenage heart out, here are the 10 best pop-punk songs that you've totally forgotten about.

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