Dirty Bird Campout Is The Wet Hot American Summer of Music Festivals

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Mary Carreon
DJ Lee Foss spinning at the Dirty Bird Campout
Dirty Bird Campout
Oak Canyon Ranch

Last weekend, Claude VonStroke and his team at Dirty Bird Records took over the lush oasis at Oak Canyon Ranch for the first annual Dirty Bird Campout. With activities like archery and potato sack races, the themed festival did more than just recreate the traditional sleep-away summer camp: It brought a fresh spin to the festival circuit and bridged the gap between festival goers and performers putting them on platform to interact with one another.

"[The Campout] is really different," said English DJ Billy Kenny, one of Dirty Bird Records newest additions to the roster. "They really broke all the rules, man," he said. "It's fucking wicked vibes."

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Taste of Chaos Brings San Bernardino Back to 2003

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Josh Chesler
Taste of Chaos' love for emo music wasn't a dirty little secret.

Taste of Chaos
San Manuel Amphitheater

If you went to Warped Tour in the first few years of the 21st century, you can imagine exactly what the return of Taste of Chaos was like. Picture the best Warped Tour from 2000-2004. Virtually every name on the bill is worth seeing. Most bands get to play 40-70 minutes instead of being relegated to 30. There are reunions of bands that haven't been around for a decade. Every band is on the same stage but there's no delay between sets, and they all want to put on the best show possible because the other bands (likely their friends) are watching them. Oh, and you're old enough to legally drink this time around.

That's exactly what it was like at Taste of Chaos on Saturday, and it all took place on one amazing "turntable" stage that rotated to allow one band to set up while another performed.
Up until the sun went down around 6 p.m., the Warped feel was unmistakeable. The 2 p.m. set from SoCal post-hardcore outfit Finch was one of the best of the afternoon, although seeing bands like Glassjaw and the Movielife play spectacular 40-minute sets in 2015 was pretty phenomenal. It was obvious that the two Long Island early-2000s groups didn't have the same following of some of the other acts at the festival, but their performances were so far beyond what's expected of bands playing while the sun is still out that they no doubt won over some new fans. (Seriously, if you're a young pop punk or post-hardcore band, look at the Movielife and Glassjaw respectively to see what you should be doing. Start with "Jonestown" and "Ape Dos Mil" if you're totally unfamiliar.)

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Club Cosplay Sounds the Alarm at HOB Anaheim

Club Cosplay photo by Scott Feinblatt
There's a world that exists somewhere between childhood and maturity where grown ups dress up as cartoonish characters. These characters might be from video games, from science fiction movies, or from comic books, and the costumes may be store-bought or homemade and elaborately customized. This is the world of cosplay (an amalgam of the words "costume" and "play"). An interesting subculture of nerdom, cosplayers can often be seen en masse at comic book conventions, modern costume balls, LARP (live-action role-playing) events, or at club events like those held by Club Cosplay. On Friday, Club Cosplay held its second annual nightclub event, an event at which cosplayers celebrate their nerdiness by dancing, drinking, and gazing upon some pretty impressive garbs.

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Beach House On Authenticity and Inspiration

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Jena Ardell
We hope you were able to snag the limited 'Loser Edition' vinyl version of Beach House's latest album, Depression Cherry. We were so hypnotized by the clear record housed in that velvety, red flocked sleeve that we almost forgot the record played music.

Beach House is all band, no drama. Band members Victoria Legrand and Alex Scally both look and act the role of chilled-out hipster superstars. Their sound is so melodic we can only assume their physical presence in the band was meticulously crafted to disappear, leaving you on a cathartic spiral of good vibes.

Here's what Legrand and Scally have said about authenticity and inspiration. Quotation above via factmag.com.

Beach House is performing four sold-out shows at the Honda theatre this December. Tickets are still available for their show at The Observatory on Dec. 7.

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Zacky T is a Seaside Rapper Who Stays on The Grind

Courtesy of Zacky T
It's not often that you see an up-and-coming rapper repping Laguna Beach. But for 21 year-old Zacky T, seaside life informed his flow and style in ways that set him apart from a wave of local emcees tripping over themselves to prove their street cred. You won't see too much blunt smoking, gun toting or other trap music tropes coming from this guy. Instead, cliff-side views, blue water and sunsets are a more suitable backdrop for his effortless and positive lyrics woven over Drake-inspired beats on music videos for "Glow" and "Django." Maybe it's not the toughest setting in the world for a rap video, but you can't argue with the idea of a rapper keeping it real and still coming off looking cool at the same time.

His flows are also dripping with humility on tracks like "Float," a warning about not getting caught up in a fabricated world of earthly possessions. Then there's "Blessed Up," a hip-hop mantra for Laguna's youth who live with heavy hearts after seeing friends pass away far too young behind the Orange Curtain. His sensitive and retrospective approach to rap helps his rhymes ring true on his new mixtape, The Final Touch, currently available on Datpiff. We had the chance to interview Zacky T about his journey to create this album, the adversity he faces making a name for himself, dream collaborations, and his role models in the industry.

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Common Kings Became OC Reggae Royalty By Never Resting on Their Laurels

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courtesy of the band
A few years ago, a group of Polynesian students attending Orange Coast College in Costa Mesa linked up for a few jam sessions at a random family member's house and soon after, the rest was history. Thanks to mutual friend turned guitarist, Taumata Grey aka T Grey, the group of pupils have since then gone on to form one of the most popular pop/reggae bands in recent years. Now known as Common Kings, the OC band is carrying some serious momentum coming fresh off their Summer Reflections Tour with multi-platinum girl group, Fifth Harmony, while embarking on a brand new tour coinciding with the release of their most recent single, "Ain't No Stopping."

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Five Reasons to Go to It's Not Dead Fest

Categories: Punk as Fuck

Taken from the OC Weekly archives
The Adolescents, OC punk royalty.
With Taste of Chaos happening tomorrow (10/3) and It's Not Dead Fest going on next Saturday (10/10), you may be wondering whether or not it's worth it to drive all the way to San Bernardino for two straight Saturdays in a row.

Since it's a little late to convince you to go to Taste of Chaos (you can't change your nonexistent plans on 24 hours notice), here are five reasons you should at least go to It's Not Dead Fest (INDF).

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The 10 Best Death Metal Bands

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Alex Morgan
Cannibal Corpse
In the early to mid 1980s, heavy metal music began to broaden beyond the first era of bands like Maiden, Priest, and Dio. It evolved into darker, faster territories with thrash metal like Slayer, Exodus, Kreator and many others. A somewhat new phenomena began to root itself in an even more extreme sound of the music--today, we call it Death Metal. Music from this subgenre of metal is certain to contain demonic, inhuman growls and shrieks, blast beat drum patterns, heavy bass lines, and speed metal guitar shredding madness. The lyrics and sound are often centered around gore, suffering, Satanism, evil, wars, criminality, philosophy, horror movies, the occult, mythology, and even ancient history.

What makes Death Metal so powerful to many fans is its versatility. It can blend itself well into any other genre of metal seamlessly; it has had a part in the formation and inspiration of many black metal grindcore, doom metal and experimental bands across the globe. We know there's an almost infinite list of bands to chose from, but after hours of head banging, and a pair of blown out eardrums, we decided on the best ten. We now present the 10 Best Death Metal bands.

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Uncle Acid & the Deadbeats Haunt Our Eyes and Ears

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courtesy of the band
If a serial killer education emporium like the Museum of Death in Hollywood played background music for lingering visitors, it would probably sound a lot like British cult quartet Uncle Acid & the Deadbeats. With the dichotomy of murderous lyrics, fuzzed guitars translated through P90 pickups and girl group harmonies, rock lovers can't help but be attracted to Uncle Acid's creepy, throwback sound.

In tandem with the band's release of their fourth full-length album The Night Creeper via Rise Above Records, Uncle Acid descended upon the U.S. again for another tour, with their final destination being hosted at The Observatory in Santa Ana on Friday with Ruby the Hatchet and Ecstatic Vision.

The band knows how to haunt your eyes as well as your ears with music videos that incorporate blood-curdling film noir clips from decades past, most recently being "Melody Lane." According to founder Kevin Starrs, the insidious old cinematic clips are a distinct concept included in the band's imagery since he conceived the group in 2009.

Starrs spoke with the Weekly about the role of film, getting mixed up as an "occult band" and their reunion with the Southern California music scene.

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Top 10 Indie Halloween Songs

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Jena Ardell

It's officially October: cue the handful of predictable songs reserved for Halloween every year!

No disrespect to MJ's "Thriller," Stevie Wonder's "Superstition," or Bobby Pickett's "Monster Mash," but we're a little tired of the typical "spooky" jams, so we found some alternatives.

Here's our Top 10 picks of indie songs to add to your Halloween playlist. (Bonus: numbers 1, 2, 8, and 9 are songs from bands from California).

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