Downtown Boogie is Way More Than a Typical B-Boy Battle

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Damien Blaise
By: Damien Blaise

Last night in Santa Ana, Diego's hosted Konsept's first breakdance-based event, Downtown Boogie, done in collaboration with the Feel Good Collective. Konsept is an event-organizing company with a real focus on community and charitable events in and around Santa Ana. The show wasn't the kind of thing you see very often, a mix of b-boys and girls vibing all over the space alongside unique vendors, artists, live body painting, and even a barber's chair and station where event-goer's could get their fade's cleaned up.

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Bella Novela Really Believe in the Power of Three

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Courtesy of Bella Novela
Telemetry, the third record by Long Beach power trio Bella Novela, is a three-part concept record that clocks in at exactly 33 minutes, with each part having three songs.

"Spooky," says guitarist Jacob Heath, the band's auburn-bearded prog-rocker with a Randy Rhoads tone. "Something powerful about the number three." If you hang out around Long Beach, chances are you've seen Bella Novela at least three times in the past three years; Heath, vocalist Jackie Laws, and drummer Jannea McClure have been ubiquitous fixtures on the club scene, rocking Alex's Bar, The Prospector, Que Sera, the Zombie Walk, and everywhere else on a regular basis. 

Lately they've become friendly with Fartbarf and fellow locals Feral Kizzy, sharing bills on club dates. "They are doing something we don't see around here right now," says Kizzy Kirk, Feral Kizzy's sparkplug vocalist. "Jacob is a bearded intergalactic shredder; Jackie is a powerhouse glitter blaster."

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Peter Hook's Tribute to Joy Division Trumps His Beef With New Order

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Daniel Kohn
For the better part of the past decade, Peter Hook and his former bandmates in New Order have been at each other's throats over the details of the bassist's departure. In between arguments, both sides have been on the road, albeit in different forms.

Since 2010, Hook and his band, The Light, started playing Joy Division material to pay tribute to the 30th anniversary since the band's demise after singer Ian Curtis' death. Those performances gave fans a chance to hear classic Joy Division material live by one of its members for the first time since then. At his shows, the bassist tapped into the itch for nostalgia by playing the Manchester band's two albums in their entirety. On his current run, Hook has taken that a step further by including several of New Order's biggest albums. Estranged from his former band, Hook isn't afraid to take a jab at his long time collaborators. Before he played a show in Chicago that saw Billy Corgan and Jeff Schroeder of Smashing Pumpkins join Hook for "Love Will Tear Us Apart," and ahead of his upcoming show at the Glass House next Monday, we spoke to the bassist about his current tour, his on-going feud with Bernard Sumner and the odds of a New Order reunion.

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Ms. Lauryn Hill - The Observatory - November 19th, 2014

Taylor Morgan
Ms. Lauryn Hill
The Observatory

A single file sea of people stood outside The Observatory waiting for Lauryn Hill last night. The line that wrapped from the front entrance, through the parking lot and down the side of Harbor Blvd. However, the fans didn't seem impatient as they shuffled toward the venue to see the 8-time Grammy winner, despite the fact some of them had waited hours and Hill wouldn't even take the stage until about 10 p.m.

The night started off with a major boost of island energy courtesy of opener Daniel Bambaata Marley, son of Ziggy Marley and grandson of Bob Marley.Talk about someone who genuinely is passionate about performing. Marley mixed reggae and rock with classical components throughout and his movement amongst the stage had hands swaying with the beat and new and old fans enthralled.

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Your Guide To Taylor Swift's Most Generous Acts

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Jena Ardell

Whether you like her music or not, you have to give Swift props for her generosity. Swift notoriously goes above and beyond for her fans. We can't think of any other superstars who mail care packages to their fans. One fan (dealing with a depressing life transition) recently received a heartwarming barrage of gifts from Swift, along with a thoughtful, handwritten letter that said:

"Ally - I've been thinking about you a lot lately and all I want is for you to have a life that you love. I can't begin to understand what you're going through, but if it helps you at all to know that I'm pulling for you, you should know that I am. I check in on you all the time because you're smart and hysterically funny and beautiful. You deserve to be happy and I just hope these presents make you smile... Because you make me smile. -Tay"

Here's your guide to Swift's most generous acts of kindness this year.

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Stryper Tribute Bands That Should Exist

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Courtesy of the label
We dig the yellow stripes strypes
Say what you will about OC's legendary head banging Christian metal band Stryper, but you have to admire them for sticking to the script for three decades -- or is that scripture? Putting out new music as recently as last year, they show no signs of stopping their glamorous righteousness. In a couple weeks, the band embarks on yet another tour of South America through the holidays.

But despite their unique legacy, there aren't a whole lot of Stryper tribute bands in existence. Which is why, in hopes of rectifying this error of human civilization, we've pitched a few ideas for potential Stryper tribute bands.

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What's Up With Songs That Compare Women To Foods?

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Warrant's Cherry Pie.
We find it a disturbing that male musicians constantly compare women (or their body parts) to foods, specifically fruits and candies. While it's flattering to be compared to edible products with a high glycemic index, it's also becoming unoriginal and while these songs are entertaining, they are mildly sexist and/or misogynistic.

Perhaps the popular 19th century nursery rhyme 'What Are Little Boys Made Of?' has ingrained the notion that girls are "sugar and spice and everything nice."

According to the Online Etymology Dictionary, "honey" has been documented as a term of endearment from at least the 14th century. As women, we've come to expect our significant other to call us by a pet name, which--you guessed it--is usually a sweet.

Being someone's "honey," "sweetie pie," "muffin", or "baby cakes" might not seem so bad if you consider some foreign options. In France, you may be called a petite chou (little cabbage), in Germany you may be called Mausebär (mouse-bear) and if you're Hispanic, your family may already be addressing you as gorda or flaca (fat or skinny).

Here are the Top Ten Songs That Compare Women To Foods. No, The Archies' "Sugar, Sugar" didn't make the cut, sorry.

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Why Karaoke is Important to Immigrants in OC

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Brian Feinzimer
A group of ladies singing the night away at Ziller in Fullerton
For Asian Americans, there's an odd sense of comfort in holding a mic and singing along to the midi version of schmaltzy pop hits. Whether they're tunes by Basil Valdez, Sin Sisamouth or Frank Sinatra, played in private rooms (such as at Ziller in Fullerton) or set against chintzy lights and throbbing bass, (as in XO Night Club in Westminster) the sight of  lyrics flashing on a large TV screen brings back memories of Manila, Seoul or Phnom Penh.

After all, in Asia, karaoke is the go-to activity for family get-togethers, birthdays and office team building. When President Barack Obama visited the Philippines on a state visit, Filipino president Noynoy Aquino hosted a karaoke party for him. (Apparently, government officials sang the Motown classic "What's Going On?" with such gusto that National Security Adviser Susan Rice thought it was apt to take the mic and belt out the chorus.)

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Why I Refuse to Like Your Band on Facebook

Every week, we get thousands of notifications on Facebook, and because our lives are privileged and lonely, we pay attention to them. Everyone has commented on everything. It is everybody's birthday today. Everyone but you has had a baby and is also celebrating their four-year anniversary with a decent human being. Facebook is a constant hum of people begging for your attention without looking you in the eyes.

If that's not enough, the network puts you in the awkward situation of dealing with a constant flow of hellish invites. A high school friend wants you to come to their pre-engagement party. The barista from the coffee shop down the street has invited you to visit his new art gallery composed entirely of Lolcats and pictures of trees at the zoo. Your aunt really, really, really wants you to play Candy Crush Saga. And of course, some asshole wants you to like their band on Facebook.

Maybe you do it, maybe you don't. Personally, I now refuse to like bands on Facebook -- even if it's a group I adore. While I could probably stack about a hundred reasons on top of my mighty throne of musical morality, let's start with a list of six reasons why I refuse to like your band on Facebook.

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10 Songs About Gettin' Freaky In The Back Seat

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Keep your eyes on the road, Ludacris.
A car is essentially a couch on wheels; it's the perfect (ie: only) atmosphere for you and your loved one or Tinder date to spend some quality time if you live with your parents/roommates/overly affectionate cat. Or maybe you're just an exhibitionist and get your jollies by pulling over on the side of the PCH to take care of business. We don't judge here. Just do it safely.

Here are 10 songs about having sex in your car, or someone else's car:

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