Linkin Park - Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre - September 11, 2014

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Linkin Park
Linkin Park, 30 Seconds to Mars and AFI
Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre

Last night, 16,000 people found a brief distraction from the somber memory of 9/11 at Linkin Park's Carnivores Tour stop at the Verizon Wireless Amphitheater. The band arrived with 30 Seconds to Mars and AFI in tow to support The Hunting Party, a new album released in June. However, a good chunk of their set was dedicated to the band's earlier days. After opening with "Guilty All The Same" from their new release, three of the next four songs - "Given Up," "With You," "One Step Closer" and "Papercut" - all came from AFI's landmark first album, 2000's Hybrid Theory.

Linkin Park still sticks mostly to the radio-friendly rap-rock that made them famous - a Limp Bizkit buttered with more hooks and less misogyny. The formula serves them well, however, and more than a decade on, any rough edges from genre blending have been sanded off by years of touring and six studio albums. Resident rapper Mike Shinoda takes to the guitar and keyboards as much as the mic these days, and DJ Joseph Hahn - a brief beat breakdown in the middle of the set notwithstanding - provides backing atmospherics more than any outright scratching.

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Atreyu Reunite to Demolish Old Stomping Grounds

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Taylor Morgan
By: Taylor Morgan
Chain Reaction

It's been at least a decade since Atreyu have set foot on stage at their old stomping grounds inside Chain Reaction. In that time, they've managed to reach the height of metalcore fame, release five albums, followed by a five year hiatus and now deliver one of the biggest reunion shows in OC at the tail end of summer. And what better place to do it then the venue that helped nurture them from the very beginning?

Inside the packed, steaming venue, chants of "A-trey-you-- A-trey-u--A-trey-u!" waft over the crowd. So does the smell of BO. The energy throughout the venue, which sold out in minutes, is undeniably contagious. It's been about three years since the band played their last show together and the anticipation for a new chapter for the band, as well as the release of their forthcoming new album, is well documented.

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Veteran Rapper Buxaburn Goes 'The Distance' on His Latest Album

In the never ending race for hip-hop supremacy, Buxaburn is a tortoise if we've ever seen one. With longevity on his side, the Santa Ana rapper has been recording music since 1992 and says he's been inspired by hip-hop culture since 1980. His latest album, The Distance is the 7th solo project for the rapper and 14th overall. It comes with beats laced by Quique Cruz (aka Bo'kem Allah) and guest features like inDJnous on the cuts. Buxaburn comes with skillfully delivered lyrics informed by street politics and often times accentuated by reggae influenced vocal inflections.

From back in the day, Public Enemy's 1987 song "Public Enemy No. 1" gets a gritty make over with Buxaburn turning in some of his finest political diatribes. "The cop on the block / Call him officer nervous / Harassment, brutality / He offers his service." Wrapping things up to the present, the rapper professes his undying love for hip-hop on the title track.

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This Comedy Show Helps Raise Money For Autism and Revive Fullerton's Fox Theater

In 2009, Larry Houser, the co-owner of Bourbon Street and one of the most popular bartenders in a downtown flush with them, didn't know squat about autism. He learned a lot in a hurry. His 6-year-old son, Boyd, was diagnosed with autism and Houser started a crash-course on learning as much as he could about the condition.

That led him to volunteering with national organizations like Autism Speaks but, he says, "I was bringing a lot to the table but realized that I wasn't seeing anything in my own community."

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Eddie Van Halen Contemplates Fame, In Illustrated Form

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Jena Ardell

Van Halen fans are hoping for a follow-up from the band whose last record, A Different Kind of Truth, was released two years ago.

"I'm writing. I write lyrics routinely," David Lee Roth told Jim Florentine from "That Metal Show" in 2013. "And the band plays together routinely, at least three times a week. They're up at Ed's place, routinely. I was up at Edward's house, maybe three days ago--just before I came here to the city--and we're starting to put music together. Not to give away exactly what the package will be. It's gonna be about 18 months, I think."

Ex-bandmembers routinely dish out details about the band's turbulent past in the media. Mick Jones told tensions were so high during the recording of 5150 that sound engineer Donn Landee "locked himself in the studio for a day and threatened to burn the tapes."

We imagine the drama within the group has subsided now that Eddie has both his brother, Alex, and son, Wolfgang, in the lineup. Hopefully Roth will stick around this time.

While fans eagerly await the band's (estimated 2015) return, they can rock out with the new EVH Stripe Series "Circles" guitar, made famous by Van Halen's 1981 "Unchained" music video. Here's what Eddie had to say about fame and his love for music.

Quotation above via

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The Best Concerts in OC This Weekend

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The Iron Maidens--See Saturday
Don't forget to check out out constantly updated OC Concert Calendar

September 12

Pre-Mexican Independence Day Party
Just a few days away from this show is Mexican Independence Day, where Mexican communities will be bursting with pride with grand celebrations; but just before that, tonight's Pre-Mexican Independence Day Party at Characters Bar will set the celebration in motion with a lineup of Latino rockabilly bands. Moonlight Trio, a self-proclaimed "cumbia-billy" band will be on hand to play some sweet cumbia-infused rock n' roll. Southern California's Tone Slingers will also be taking the stage to play their high energy rockabilly sets at this legendary punk venue. Mix in DJ sets by Jorge Dean and Lil Jose and you have a wild and rambunctious night out.(Aimee Murillo)

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Tribal Seeds Have Grown Quite a Bit Since We Saw Them Last

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By: David Garcia
Nearly a year after their last performance at The Observatory, Tribal Seeds is set to make a triumphant return with many reasons to celebrate. Not only is it their lead singer's birthday, but since their last performance at the Santa Ana venue the band has gone on to release a highly successful new album in addition to a year's worth of nationwide touring.

Formed in 2003 by brothers, Steven (lead vocals/guitar) and Tony-Ray (keys/vocals) Jacobo, San Diego's Tribal Seeds bring a blend of roots, rock, reggae and dub that stands out from your typical California reggae band. Their sound is constantly evolving as they intertwine a mix of classic and modern influences while providing powerful platforms for spreading messages of peace, love, positivity and individuality with the occasional backlash aimed at social injustices and political corruption.

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Ian Anderson's Idea of Rock-n-Roll is More Complex Than You Know

Press Image of Jethro Tull from a 1977 Concert
Rock music is not typically thought of as a vehicle for profound commentary. Granted, the music of classic rock acts like Pink Floyd and Yes provide meditative grooves that are just as deeply poetic as they are good to listen to while stoned, but the progressive rock of Ian Anderson (whose band Jethro Tull was also a product of 60's England) is just as whimsically laced with satire and gobbledygook as it is overtly didactic. His latest album, Homo Erraticus, is the third entry in his Thick as a Brick Trilogy, which includes Thick as a Brick (released by Jethro Tull in 1972 and hailed by Rolling Stone as "one of rock's most sophisticated and ground-breaking products") and Thick as a Brick 2 (released by Ian Anderson in 2012).

The three albums make use of the narrative character Gerald Bostock, who light-heartedly flaunts archaic and cryptic verbiage while commenting on sociology and geopolitics. And while it can be argued that occasionally obvious political commentary is not a trait of profundity, the conceptual scope of the album -- to say nothing of its excellently orchestrated musical aspects -- is testament to its greatness. Anderson will be performing his latest album as well as a selection of Jethro Tull's greatest hits at Segerstrom Hall on September 18.

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The Forgotten Novelty Songs Surrounding 9/11

YouTube Screen Capture
I Was Going to Caption This Image, But Then...

The events of September 11th changed absolutely everything about our lives. That days terrorist attacks have become such a cultural touchstone that the weeks before and after it feel hazy at best. Yet, what makes those weeks 13 years ago even harder to fathom is what a uniquely bizarre time it was for popular music. Back when Justin Timberlake was just an *NSYNC member and punk band Sum-41 were topping the pop charts with a hybrid '80s rap-cum-hair-metal sound, the music industry was still making astronomical profits to the point where the summer of 2001 saw a barrage of peculiar novelty songs that wouldn't have fit in any other era. Then, the dour weeks after 9/11 saw the airwaves starved for content that could fit the bleak rebuilding period America was facing. These are the forgotten novelty songs surrounding 9/11.

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The Deconstruction of Comedian Grant Cotter

I legit wiggled out of the straight jacket.
Around the halls of the Weekly, we love us some Grant Cotter. We've watched this OC native go from the stand-up stage, to MTV, and now, to winning himself some time on one of the most stacked comedy tours that we've ever seen, the Oddball Comedy and Curiosity Festival. Proud? Hell yeah. Do we still want to pick on him though? Totally. So while we wait for the big event this weekend that includes Louis C.K., Sarah Silverman, Chris Hardwick, Aziz Ansari, Jeff Ross, and Marc Maron among others, we tapped him to pick on his act. Or better yet, pick apart his act. It's not an easy feat to critique material that you have written yourself but, we knew that Grant would be up for the challenge and nail it to the wall.

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