Hiatus Kaiyote Prove They're Ready For a Bigger Stage

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Kyle Cavaness
Telling people you're off to see an Australian soul band might lead to a few raised eyebrows. But Melbourne's Grammy-nominated Hiatus Kaiyote continue to make believers out of music fans and skeptics worldwide, and they brought their own version of the Thunder from Down Under to the Constellation Room on Thursday night.

The show was the band's latest stop in an American tour supporting their new album, Choose Your Weapon, which was released earlier this month. While the Constellation Room inside the Observatory is usually reserved for smaller acts, the packed show proved that the band is primed for a bigger audience.

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Herbert Bail Orchestra's New Song "You Are Beautiful" Has Roots at Lightning in a Bottle

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Matthew Hoffman
Cover art for Herbert Bail Orchestra's song "You Are Beautiful"
It might seem odd that an Americana folk tribe like Herbert Bail Orchestra owes the birth of their latest single to a festival known for new-agey, electronic music. But it wasn't until their first appearance at Lightning in a Bottle a few years ago when the band says the song "You Are Beautiful" really came to life. They were playing dead last on the bill at of the lounge stages, joining in a sweaty, 20-minute jam session that didn't stop until around 3:30 a.m. As they rumbled through the chugging train beat and triumphant three-chord progression, frontman Anthony Frattolillo, improvised and shouted lyrics that would eventually solidify the song. They played for so long, they almost outlasted the festival.

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The Best Concerts in OC This Weekend

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Fur Coat--See Friday
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Friday, May 22

Fur Coat
The Wayfarer
For this latest WAVS installment of the Modern Disco Ambassadors residency at The Wayfarer, the dance party comes courtesy of Venezuelan EDM duo Fur Coat. And just as the name suggests, their music is a luxurious blend of electronica, techno, moody, atmospheric beats and sensual grooves that pronounce members Sergio Munoz and Israel Sunshine's creative synergy. Not to be eclipsed by one album's success, each new Fur Coat release exhibits their willingness to dive into new musical territory and ability to consistently provide solid, dance-worthy full lengths albums and remixes (how the hell do they find the time?). Having already caught the eye of underground dance music mags and blogs, they've earned respect among colleagues and fans from all across the globe. Welcome these Barcelona-based boys with open arms tonight. (Aimee Murillo)

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David Letterman Reacts To His Favorite Bands

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Jena Ardell
There's one thing we've learned while watching Late Night with David Letterman throughout the years: Letterman has great taste in music.

Letterman's Late Night departure hit us particularly hard. His show first aired when many of us were born, which means: he's always been on television throughout our lives. Even if we didn't watch his show every night, his presence was comforting; he was accessible; and a little piece of New York could be broadcast into our living room.

Over the years, we've noticed three tiers of enthusiasm in Letterman's reactions to musical performances on his show. First, was his default send-off: "Thank you very much. Terrific. Nice job. Thanks, folks."

On the next tier, Letterman's honest-to-goodness seal of approval: "Yeah!" he'd say a few times. "How about that? How about that!"

At the peak of his enjoyment, were glimpses of fanboyhood that were sometimes cleverly and covertly masked by Letterman's signature, soft snark. "This is all you want, my friends: Al Green..."

After Green's performance, Letterman was at a loss for words: "Oh my God. Oh my God. Oh my God... Beautiful, my friend... Oh my God."

Donned in suits, the Foo Fighters performed "Everlong" as Letterman's final musical guests, while a video montage played. His final show marked the end of 33 years of familiarity.

Here are some of our favorite reactions from Letterman throughout his career. Quotation above via . Godspeed David Letterman! You will be missed.

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The Resurrection of Refused is Good News for the Revolution!

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Dustin Rabin
Rumors of Refused's death are greatly exaggerated. The Swedish hardcore punk band wrote their own epitaph in 1998 after breaking up telling the world in a final communique that "Refused are fucking dead." The incendiary leftist group arose from the ashes for a reunion show at Coachella three years ago and toured after the festival. But no new musical manifesto followed. That is, until now. Vocalist Dennis Lyxzén and his co-conspirators returned without warning in April to announce Freedom, their first album in 17 years.

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Punk Rock Bowling Creates the Ultimate Backyard Bash in Sin City

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Melissa Fossum
As Punk Rock Bowling prepares to take over Downtown Vegas May 22-25, the event's co-founder Mark Sternprobably the busiest man in Sin City right about now. In the five years since PRB went from a small weekend tournament to a full-on festival, Stern and his brother Shawn have created one of the wildest parties on the West Coast catering to punks of all different pedigrees. Taking advantage of an ever-improving location, Stern has fully integrated his three-day festival into the culture of Vegas while keeping a focused niche that makes it unique.

This year's headliners--Rancid, Refused and Dropkick Murphys--are only the tip of the mohawk. Between the list of intimate club shows, exhibits, movie screenings, the actual bowling tournament and other special events, there's no way the action ever lets up once you step out of your hotel and into the biggest Memorial Day moshpit in the country. We recently talked to Stern to get his take on charting PRB's growth as well as keeping the vibe as intimate as possible.

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10 Classic Metal Bands We'd Love to See Reunite

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Atlantic Records
Skid Row
Heavy Metal has been in existence as a musical force and genre of rock music for the last four decades. Some might argue that the glorious heyday of the '80s and '90s scenes for heavy metal music can't be replicated. But, others might beg to differ. And, as a sign of fan demand, perhaps, or a last attempt to cash in at the perfect moment when fans brew curious with nostalgia, many bands, both punk and metal have reunited their former band members (or new ones) and perform, and in some cases record music again. Such notable examples include Refused, At the Gates, Dark Angel, Faith No More and many others.  But, we now offer our list of 10 metal bands that wish could reunite.

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Five Excellent "Late Show" Music Moments

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YouTube Screen Capture
David Letterman, A Face You Can Trust

Last night CBS aired the landmark final episode of The Late Show with David Letterman.  Concluding over 30 years of broadcasting, Dave made his final remarks surrounded by loved ones both in terms of friends and family as well as the celebrities and artists who've been public their whole careers about their admiration for the man. While last night's stellar musical performance from Foo Fighters was one to always remember, we've decided for those of you with Dave fever for whom CBS' The Mentalist reruns over the next two nights won't satisfy, we've assembled five of our all time favorite David Letterman musical moments.

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Ron Thomas Fights For Justice For His Son Kelly With a Brand-New Weapon: His Guitar

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John Gilhooley
Ron Thomas: The Righteous Rocker
A man in his late 50s with silver, slicked-back hair sits crosslegged on a drum stool cradling a cream-colored electric guitar. At a glance, he could pass for any other suburban dad paying for a guitar lesson on a Saturday afternoon, trying to recapture the memory of his youth. But when Ron Thomas plays the guitar, he's trying to recapture the memory of his son.

Last spring, he started taking lessons at Sam Ash in Westminster with the goal of perfecting one of his favorite rock & roll classics of the spandex era: Van Halen's 1978 radio hit "Ain't Talkin' 'Bout Love." Though he has heard the song hundreds of times, being able to play it perfectly is a different story.

He mutters to himself impatiently when he messes up. A couple of times, Thomas' fumbling fingers cause words of frustration to crack through his manicured, snow-white mustache.
"Aw, c'mon! Damn it, you got this," he says to himself. "One more time . . ."

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Hiatus Kaiyote Do Some Future Soul Searching

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Hiatus Kaiyote have been described as "future soul," but all sorts of nonsensical names could be concocted to describe their genre-mashing style: alt-funk, indie jazz, Afro trip-hop--take your pick.

The Melbourne, Australia-based band's first album, 2013's Tawk Tomahawk, earned a Best R&B Performance Grammy nomination for the song "Nakamarra" and praise from elite artists such as Questlove, Erykah Badu and Pharrell Williams. Choose Your Weapon, the follow-up released May 1 on Sony imprint Flying Buddah Records, is somehow both twice as long and twice as interesting. We spoke with drummer and producer Perrin Moss about the new album and the band's current American tour, which includes a May 21 stop at the Observatory's Constellation Room. (Note: Some answers have been condensed for clarity. All answers should be read in a pleasant Australian accent.)

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