HB Local Didn't Conquer The Voice, But She Still Has One

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Nicole DiSandro
Caitlin Lucia knows first hand what the road to reality television looks like, thanks to her recent appearance on NBC's singing competition, The Voice. Although her run at instant stardom was cut short after the show's judges failed to turn their chairs, the 19-year-old Huntington Beach native says her journey into the music industry has just begun. Lucia's season seven appearance last week was her second effort to be a part of the show, and after two consecutive attempts, she says she's walking away with her head held high.

The indie-folk songstress made her official Voice debut last Tuesday singing her version of "You're The One That I Want," but her initial involvement with the ratings juggernaut began in June of 2013. Fresh out of high school, she was given the choice of traveling to London for business school or attending callbacks for season six. She waived the overseas opportunity to pursue her first run at The Voice and commit to her dream of becoming a singer/songwriter. After several rounds of auditions she scored an invitation to the televised blind auditions. But to her shock and disappointment, the spots for season six had filled before she had a chance to perform before the judges.

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Wildcat! Wildcat! Vow to Never Get Old

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The video for Wildcat! Wildcat!'s "Mr. Quiche" is a must-watch. Tyler Rumph directed it for one of the first Los Angeles indie-pop outfit's tunes, and it features a giant feline-person realizing he is on the last of his nine lives, so he heads out to the LA streets to use up what are presumably his final hours: He break-dances, talks with strangers, buys goldfish. By the end, he's slipping into a forest, apparently to end his own life before the world gets to him first.

It's a sad, striking clip that syncs with the tonal juxtapositions of Wildcat! Wildcat!'s music. It's akin to experiencing a Ferris wheel ride as the park is about to shut down: There's all this brightness and magic, but there's all this darkness, as well as a sense of foreboding. Using sumptuous keyboard lines, carefully thumping drums and drifting vocals, the music rides a line between sunny and miserable.

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Tonight at the Irvine Improv: "Stand Up & Deliver: Cabo Relief"

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There is something to be said about coming together for a good cause and when you pair that with a ton of laughter, amazing things can happen. NUVOtv was all set to film season four of their comedy show "Stand Up & Deliver" at the Cabo Comedy Festival in early October but sadly, the festival was postponed due to the devastation in the area caused by Hurricane Odile. In order to show their support for an area they love and so you can get on board as well, NUVOtv is joining forces with Levity Entertainment and the Irvine Improv tonight (October 1st) at 8 p.m. to chuckle for charity and help raise money for the city and community of Cabo San Lucas.

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Nicker Jones and His Freaky Blues

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Photo by Gianna Gianna, produced by Luka Fisher
There's a strange world swirling inside Nicker Jones. For the first few minutes of our recent lunch conversation at Memphis Cafe in Costa Mesa, he gazes down intently at his shrimp po'boy sandwich with a smirk on his face.

"It's hard talking about myself," the 24-year-old says shyly. "This is actually one of my first interviews."

But you can sense the wheels of creativity spinning, even when he's not saying much. Of course, anyone who has seen Jones live knows it's usually his manic, blues-fueled freakouts and ankle-breaking dance moves that do the talking when he's onstage.

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Puig Destroyer: A Virtual Hardcore Band For Real Baseball Fans

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Riley Breckenridge, best known as the drummer of Thrice, geeks out to baseball as much as he does to percussion. He's in three fantasy leagues, one of them is a keeper league. He reads Baseball Prospectus and verses himself in experimental statistical analyses of the game--SABRmetrics for those in the know--as if he scouts players for Billy Beane's Oakland Mathletics.

The song "Centerfield" by John Fogerty, however, is a different matter. "I hate it," he says. "It's awful."

Rock and roll and baseball haven't much crossed paths over the course of time, which is kind of weird if you think about it, as distinctly American as they both are. Aside from "Centerfield," there's one verse in Bruce Springsteen's "Glory Days" that mentions high school ball--and that's about it. If ever there were a niche that needed filling.

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Five Signs You Might Be a Shitty Guitarist

Categories: douchebaggery

No one needs a "quad guitar." Not even Michael Angelo Batio.
By: David Von Bader

It would seem that everyone not bent on being a DJ these days is buying a guitar. In recent years, there have been unprecedented national advertisements for large chain music stores like Guitar Center all over radio and television, and the fact that a company like the aforementioned grew so successful that Bain Capital consumed them should say plenty about just how badly everyone wants to be a rock star.

However, most of us are not rock stars. And when it comes to the guitar, the saturation of players and the hero worship have made originality an even harder commodity to come by than ever. But simply playing the guitar should be enough to get you in the club, right? Wrong. Here are five signs that you might be missing the point and are in fact a shitty guitarist.

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How To Avoid Getting Robbed On Tour

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All illustrations by Dave Watt.
Although musicians are infamous for walking out on bar tabs, trashing hotel rooms and hijacking chuckwagon sandwiches from gas stations, there is one thing they deserve: the ability to torture society with their particular brand of art. Sadly, it happens all too often that bands' tours are derailed or altogether cancelled as a result of the actions of opportunistic criminals.

While it's likely that artists will continue to be the targets of such a devastating crime, we've come up with a few helpful suggestions to prevent bands from being robbed on tour.

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The Best Hip-Hop Stripper Anthems

The allure of an exotic dancer can be irresistible, and nothing screams, "I want to make it last forever...or just for the night" like penning a song dedicated to the craft of poppin' that thang. Whether you make it rain with dollars or make it hail with quarters (cheap bastards), the sultry shaking of a dancer's hips can be the gateway to the champagne room for some and for others, an ode to the art. Like with this list we compiled for you. Grab your champagne for the campaign and get a little bounce in that bootie with our picks for the Best Hip-Hop Stripper Anthems.

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QUIZ: Can You ID These Bands From Their Famous Typefaces?

Jena Ardell

Fact: Any band who uses Times New Roman on their album cover isn't going to make it in the music industry. (Feel free to prove us wrong, though). Smart typography selection is as important to a band's image as having a memorable logo.

In 1937, industrial designer and typographer Gerry Powell, designed an extremely condensed typeface named Onyx that became very popular among advertising type in the 1940s because it allowed more characters to be used when space was limited or costly.

Cut to present day and any 90s kid will identify Powell's Onyx typeface as "Nirvana font", thanks to typesetter Grant Alden. According to nirvana-legacy.com, Alden was paid $15 to assist the graphic designer originally hired to create the cover art for Nirvana's Bleach in 1989. Nirvana's signature smiley face, drawn by Cobain, is another "mental shortcut" to identify the band.

Time to test your typography knowledge and the following bands' branding skills. Can you identify these famous acts by their typefaces? Answers provided on the last page.

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"Mars Attacks!" Exhibit Pops Out in a Sea of Boring Laguna Beach Art

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Robert Mars
Finally First Class
Walk past the numerous art galleries dotting Laguna Beach's stretch of Pacific Coast Highway, and you'll notice a theme. Ocean landscapes, be they composed of washes of watercolors or textured skeins of oil paint, feature in the windows of nearly every gallery. Blurry figures of surfers ride the watercolor waves, with beach umbrellas thrown into the paintings to remind you that this image is indeed depicting a beach. It's a bizarre redundancy when actually surrounded by the picturesque beauty of the ocean, complete with real dudes riding waves and real multi-colored beach umbrellas.

After you think you've seen the last artificial ocean that you can stomach, a 4 ft. panel hanging in the window of the JoAnne Artman Gallery stops you in your tracks. The shape of a perfume bottle dominates the mixed media piece, the iconic phrasing "No. 5, Chanel, Paris, Parfum" emblazoned across it. The bottle fills a black background with cut-off portions of ads peeking out. Inside the perfume bottle, circles filled with newspaper clippings and vintage paper ephemera run in a parallel pattern.

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