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Weekender Updater: Sex Offender GPS Bills, Gang Banger's Murder Conviction and More

This weekend you are updated on: Orange County legislators trying to improve Global Positioning System (GPS) monitoring of sex offenders; the murder conviction of a gang member who gunned down a...
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Lots of Roar in Mr. Wolf, But is There Much Bite?

Rajiv Joseph is a playwright making a lot of noise in American theater. The 40-year-old (who served in the Peace Corps in Senegal for three years and what have YOU done with your miserable life?...
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World Value Reds at Vino Volo, Our Drink of the Week!

It's easy to dismiss Vino Volo at John Wayne Airport--it's a chain, it serves wine, and the only people there seem to be mid-level managers putting the finishing touches on their PowerPoints. B...


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